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Authentic quotes for ‘Bonneville Go or Bust’ (from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Facebook…)

“Absolutely inspiring read! I couldn’t put this book down! You could almost smell those hot tyres on those melting tarmac routes!”

“The sheer grit and determination of this woman to achieve her dream of riding solo unsupported on a Triumph across America bounces off every page. What engaged me most of all was her character; here was a person whose longest bike trip to date was less than 100 miles now tackling a journey of over 5000 miles! Most endearing of all was the contradiction of someone with the raw courage to even attempt this coupled with palpable fear and anxiety over some of the big and small challenges the trip threw up.

You essentially want to be on the back of the bike with her and by reading this you are along for the ride. And what a ride! Away from all the predictable routes she always leads us to some fascinating place that she seems to have an unerring sense of discovering. Along the way we are introduced to wonderful characters. Zoe Cano has done all the hard work in pioneering this particular road trip – I suspect many more will want to follow her along these roads less travelled.

For me the spirit of Bonneville Go or Bust is summed up by something Arnold Palmer once said:

‘If you think you’re beaten you are
If you think you dare not you don’t
If you’d like to win but think you can’t it’s almost certain that you won’t
Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger woman or man, but sooner or later those who win are those who think they can’

Read this then make your own dream come true …” LS, Herefordshire

“A thrill ride on two wheels. Educational and inspirational as Ms. Cano takes the reader on an up-close-and-personal tour of Americana” – Bob Tremblay, MetroWest Daily News Boston

“They broke the mould when they invented Zoe Cano.  The story of an independent & feisty woman on her ‘Bonny’ out to find herself & America.

As Lady Gaga says ‘Some women choose to follow men, & some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up & tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore’  A must read.”

Bloody brilliant book. What an excellently well written book. loved the bit about being caught in the storm. Bought back memories of some of the most frightening but exhilarating rides in the storms I’ve had.” – SR

“Motorcycle Adventure + Travelogue + Personal Discovery = Winning Combination.
Anyone who has ever swung a leg over a motorcycle – or even just imagined doing so – has, somewhere in the back of their mind, dreamed about firing up that bike and roaring off into the sunset for parts unknown.

Zoë Cano was one of those dreamers, but unlike the rest of us, she really did it. And not only did she do it, she had the good sense to write about it, so the rest of us dreamers could experience it all with her. Luckily, she is as skilled at describing her trip as she was at completing it … Reading her book has inspired me, … not because it describes an always idyllic experience, but rather because it doesn’t. Some of “Bonneville Go or Bust” shares Zoë’s fears & failures … and her honesty is both refreshing & compelling.

That Zoë faced these kinds of challenges & overcame them is far more inspiring to me than the typical macho tale of canyon carving or triple-digit speed runs. It is perhaps most focused, though, on what she learned about America & about herself, & she shares her discoveries in a way I found entertaining & extremely readable” – BL, Chicago

“Superb read from cover to cover. Very hard to put down. This is a book which will appeal to biker and non-biker” – PS, UK

“Simply Amazing! The writer does such a good job of relaying her experience about her travels alone through the US. It really makes me want to do it too. I recommend the book to all! Trip too…” LR, Memphis

“Have started reading your latest book (Southern Escapdes), up to page 95 (all in one go!) and am enjoying it. I’m so envious of your trip to the Blues club!’ Linda Wilsmore, Ace Cafe London

“This book is a gem of adventure! I’m loving this book, I feel like I’m on the ride and can relate to it all.  A must read, I cannot put the book down and will read it multiple times”

“Loved the book. Going to suggest that daughter 2 reads on the plane on her mini adventure, to show her you can make it happen if you want it enough & are prepared to put in the graft. And you don’t need to have tons of cash & tons of freebies.
You can do it!
Your book was light & fresh, easy to pick up but very difficult to put down. You had to find out what was round the next corner or on the next page; an inspiration to world weary old duffers & bright young things to get out and see the world”

“The writer captures the essence of what America has to offer while riding a motorcycle on roads less travelled. She also provides excellent descriptions of the towns she visits with the beautiful people she meets along the way. The best part is that the motorcycle riding experience is shared with deep insights into how it really is on the road, riding alone with no support and only her best friend, her motorcycle.”

“I have a plan I hope will come true in 2 years to buy a Catamaran Lagoon 45footer and sail round the seas. My first stop will be in London – Inspired by you – I intend to write a book about this trip’ – BN, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Loving your book. Great read. Just started it but like the fact we all have the same concerns & worries when travelling … bought the book just for the title!”

“Loved it! Loved this inspiring tale of solo adventure. Zoe has a way of putting you right into the scene; I couldn’t put this down and stayed up really late several nights in a row to finish!”
“Excellent girl biker read!!! Also great read if you want to get courage up for your own trip!!!!” MH

“A great read looking at some of the USA’s less taken routes with great tips and a fresh new persepctive for independent travellers to read. Full of excitement & inspiration. Loved it.” – JR, Wimbledon, UK

“I am doing my own travelling adventure across America soon & this is a great read, as well as very inspirational” – Eliza, London

“What a Fantastic book. I have really enjoyed it being a fellow Biker felt like I was on the ride to looking forward to your next one”

“Brilliant book…for all us girls out there that ride motorbikes and are filled for the quest for adventure.. read this, its excellent, easy to read and down right inspirational..I loved it form the first line to the last….thoroughly recommend” – Mrs S R Lowe

“Brilliant read from cover to cover. It’s a cliché to say a book was so good ‘I couldn’t put it down’ but in this case, I really couldn’t. Zoe Cano’s story draws you in and you feel as if you’re along for the ride, with her narrating the journey as you go.

It’s a fascinating story which will appeal to anyone interested in travel, interested in motorbikes, interested in the USA, or interested in pursuing their own journeys and dreams but in need of some motivation to get started! It’s certainly an inspiring story written with great verve and passion. Definitely the best book I’ve read this year (out of more than 30 books).”

“What an excellent read. A Christmas present opened early and begun on the plane as I flew off for Xmas. Didn’t want the flight to end! A first. Now certain I want to ride America. Suffice to say book #2 is now on my list for the New Year.”

“5 Stars. Great read. This is a brilliant book to read and will certainly inspire other bikers to do their own trips. Seasoned travellers will recognise the high and low points of the trip and nod in agreement to some of the statements in the book. It is extremely well written and you just want to be there to share the experience.” BM

“I was fortunate to meet Zoe and purchase a copy of her book shortly after arriving in London from Sydney and she was also kind enough to write me a little note in it. Her story captured my imagination so I saw it as an investment since I only really read while traveling, my iPod and phone have died on me to many times! I first started reading the book on my way to visit family in Scotland and I was quite disappointed when my flight arrived ahead of schedule.

I didn’t want to put the book down! Zoe’s spirit and energy really flows through this book and I find it to be the perfect book to take with you around the world. Well done Zoe on capturing my imagination just like on the road and into the wild have in the past. A great read and I can’t wait for the next one. What a fantastic chance encounter!” BK, Sydney, Australia

“Inspirational and captivating – I took this book on holiday and could not put it down as had to find out what was happening next. It was captivating. I enjoyed Zoe’s sense of adventure, and it inspired me to live life to the full. It was such an easy read as it felt as if Zoe was just chatting to me and sharing her journey. She is so expressive, funny yet sincere. I loved the bite size chapters, each with its own personality and story. You learn a lot about USA. Personally I think Zoe is very brave to do what she did, I cried with her and laughed with her as she faced the challenges and joys. Zoe brought the characters that she met to life. It is certainly a ‘feel good’ book and a testament to what we are all capable of with determination and tenacity.” – SM

“Out of the box travelling. A great read looking at some of the USA’s less taken routes with great tips and a fresh new perspective for independent travellers to read who are keen to travel across america like myself.
I’m hoping that very soon i will have gained the courage and determination as the author has done to carve my own out of the box road trip adventure across america. I know that will happen for me somebody and that this book will be a passenger and my map on my journey to the unknown.” – CB

“Mom grabbed the book, and read it non-stop!!! Here’s her letter to you Zoe:
Dear Zoe: I read your book, cover to cover. I loved and lived every page of it. It brought back many memories of several of those places my husband and I traveled. I loved it all, wish it would be made into a movie. I love you for what you did. Stay well, the best always, and happy trails! Sarah Dobias (Ronni’s Mom)”

“Let me be the first to congratulate you”Ronni, WI USA

“I’m 96% way though and I don’t want to read the last bit, ‘cos I don’t want it to end. Write another one quick, please Zoe!!”

“What an adventure! This well written book, bounces along and has opened my eyes to a different side of America: one where there are warm, kind and generous people. As an occasional bike pillion passenger, but mostly as a travel book reader, I loved this book from beginning to end”

“A great travel adventure. I really enjoyed it. What a brave courageous woman to do such a trip on her own. A real role model.”

“A brilliant read from start to finish.”

“Well done Zoe”

“It’s a cliché to say a book was so good ‘I couldn’t put it down’ but in this case, I really couldn’t.”

“Inspirational, well written”

“Five Stars – quality book with a quick delivery”

“A true Journey” ….“I liked it and I admire her guts”

“Southern Escapades – another great read. I think I’ll need to get myself a bike!”   Blair K

“What I really enjoyed about this book was you felt as a reader you were on it to. An amazing achievement for the author 5,500 miles going well beyond the usual route 66 and as she says ‘On the roads less traveled. Zoe Cano obviously put a lot of planning and searching out cool places on the way which makes this book a very rewarding read and inspiring also.”



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