How far would you go to make a dream come true?

original-image3Zoë Cano whose name means ‘Life’ was born in Hereford, England, in the wonderful ‘60s and has had the spirit for adventure travelling from an early age.

In the 1980’s, needing to find work and stand on her own two feet, she moved from the sleepy Welsh borders to relatively exotic Paris, bought a scooter (well 3 actually as one got stolen outside a Boulangerie and the other in my garage!), and lived there for a decade, working in the film industry and the international events business.

For the next fifteen years, Zoë travelled extensively for diverse projects, taking her across the world. During this time she resided in New York and Boston with extended periods in Brazil and Asia and eventually returned to England to continue working in events.

Among her numerous adventures, Zoë has undertaken the challenge to row the entire length of The Thames from its source in the centre of England to Greenwich, travelled solo through the Amazon (setting up a Charity for drawing attention to & helping protect our Planet’s heart, the Amazon Rainforest ‘The Amazon -Go or Bust- Nature Conservancy Fund’ and Why?), walked distances along the Great Wall of China and also navigated on horseback the Peruvian Andes, the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and with the wildlife migrations across the Kenyan Masai Mara.

With her love of motorbikes, she succeeded in a massive exploit to cross the American Continent solo, without assistance, back-up or sat-nav, on a classic Triumph Bonneville 860cc T100.

This expedition covered almost 10 000 kms ‘on the roads less travelled’ using for the most part just old National Geographic maps! That summer of 2012 across America would go down as being the hottest summer on record. The fact that she hadn’t done much more than 100 miles on a motorbike before she set off confirms the courage of the trip.

The highly acclaimed ‘Bonneville Go or Bust – On the Roads Less Travelled’ published by Road Dog Publications USA narrates this unique solo adventure. Since its launch in 2014, the book has received rave reviews and 5 star ratings on both sides of the Atlantic.

In 2014, Zoë returned to America and undertook another challenging 3 000 kms on a classic motorbike this time zig-zagging along the tropical Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast in Florida, through the forgotten back roads of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Georgia.

Released in 2016, her second book ‘Southern Escapades’ inspired from this unique road trip uncovers the many hidden gems of lesser known places in these beautiful Southern states and introduces the reader to the extraordinary people she encountered along the way. From areas of extreme wealth to dire poverty, music venues lost in time and near-misses on the road, these eclectic stories will make you shiver, cry and laugh out loud.

Her curiosity for getting under the skin of America brings out a fresh new perspective for any sort of traveller.

Her latest  book ‘Chilli, Skulls & Tequila’ part of this trilogy of travel stories was newly released in 2017. She undertakes another exciting solo trip through the fascinating and magical Baja California and Transpeninsular Highway, Mexico, but this time on four wheels in an old jeep!

And this year in 2018 , having just completed a gruelling 3 month expedition through New Zealand again on two wheels, a new book “Hellbent for Paradise” recounting her unique adventures in the Southern Hemisphere will be released in 2019.

Zoë lives in West London, close to the river and never far fom the next adventure.


szpakfacebrough 148july bikeshows stafford & beaulieu 015CIMG0147Bonneville Adventure 896100; Final destination. Safe and sound in Los Angeles.