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“Bonneville Go or Bust”

Published by Road Dog Publications USA – ISBN 978-1-8906230-43-2

In life we all have dreams. But do we ever attempt to make them happen?

A true story with a difference. She had nothing. No money. No time. No motorbike. No experience for such a mammoth trip. But she did have a clear vision. So with gritted determination, she goes all out to make her dream come true: to travel solo and unassisted across the lesser-known roads of the North American continent, starting in Boston and covering almost 10,000 km on a classic Triumph Bonneville.

That summer of 2012 across America would go down in the record books as being the hottest and driest in living memory. The heat was now on, in more ways than one, to go out and succeed.

From the outset to the end of this escapade, it’s always going to be a question of “Go or Bust” on whether she’ll ever succeed or even finish the journey with the most unexpected obstacles, dangers and surprises that come her way. Her wry sense of humour helps without doubt, get her out of some of anyone’s worst case scenarios. Her unique experiences along the way from riding across the plains with cowboys, singing in Nashville to meeting people with their own amazing stories and seeing the most eclectic and beautiful landscapes more than compensates.

An inspiring and motivational story written with passion to succeed against all odds, a true life lesson in believing in yourself – there is no such thing as dreaming too big.

So let the adventure begin!

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“Southern Escapades
– on the roads less travelled”

Published by Road Dog Publications USA – ISBN 978-1-890623-49-4

A classic road trip with a difference. As an encore to her cross-country ride, Zoë calls on her loyal road dog friend to join her for part of a 2000 mile odyssey on two British retro motorbikes.

Zig-zagging along the tropical Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast in Florida, through the forgotten back roads of the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Georgia, this adventure uncovers the many hidden gems of lesser known places in these beautiful Southern states and introduces the reader to the extraordinary people she encounters along the way.

From areas of extreme wealth to dire poverty, music venues lost in time and near-misses on the road, these eclectic stories will make you shiver, cry and laugh out loud.

Her curiosity for getting under the skin of America brings out a fresh new perspective for any sort of traveller.

“Zoë is once again out on ‘the roads less travelled’ – in the Deep South. It’s like riding on the back of the bike with her – with the wind in your hair, exploring this amazing country”

Story Review from Triumph Motorcycles ‘For the Ride’

Motoring Magazine ‘Southern Escapades’ review


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